Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Turning #5

A Certain little some one Turns #5 today!!!
Wow!! I can't believe it
Time flies, She's such a big girl

She's an amazing little girl, she has a great personality
She's really going to be something when she goes up

She's been talking about this day all year
bless her heart, wondering how many months till her big day

This year she asked for a Rainbow/Unicorn Birthday 
Interesting right ? Unicorn's are coming back I guess 
We just did a Unicorn theme
Low key party this year, we don't have many friends yet
What helped this year we had some friends of mine & my father in town
but our neighborhood had a block party with a puppet show & bounce houses
all right across the street from our house
Perfect timing so the block party and her cousin Mason spending the night
made her weekend..

She got a load of the stuff she asked for but a surprise to her was a new
big girl bike, She went from riding her little tricycle to an 18" tire bike
in one day she was zooming right along
Since then she's been trying to race me lol, and of course riding thru every Mud 
Puddle on the street., She maybe dressed in a tutu sometimes but she's never scared to pick up a worm or splash in the mud

Yesterday she had mud slung up the back of her shirt & water dripping off the back of her helmet..

She loves her new hat from Pops & Mom Mom
Great for church

Whoa!! look at this face I think we surprised her

ha, ha Don't make fun of my cake it was pretty good
I made a Strawberry Ombre cake with fresh strawberry in the cake & the icing
We tried to decorate it a little fancy but it didn't work very good

We did make a little rainbow out of some marshmallows 

Cousin Mason digging in some cake

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