Friday, December 7, 2012

Our first Floatilla

Yay!! We got to experience our first ever Flotilla 
Hope I am spelling that right., I have been reading in the papers
about all of these Flotilla's going on. Thought the kids would enjoy it.

We took the kids to Carolina Beach to check out what this 
Flotilla stuff was all about and boy it was pretty awesome, 
there wasn't many boats. Carolina Beach only had 7 boats.
But the kids enjoyed it, Especially the lil guy

Some kept pulling up his pant legs... ugh
he wanted to get down and get to those boats

He has become so vocal now, he's going to be so much fun this year

All bundled up and in a trance watching the boats

We missed Wrightsville Beach's Floatilla and I heard they had a ton of boats.
 I think we will have to check that one out next year. 


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