Wednesday, August 3, 2011


St. Lukes Methodist church Cemetery St. Michaels MD

Semi check off of my maternity leave to do list / Bucket list
At the top of my bucket list is tracking down part of my
grandmothers roots. We have a family legend I guess you could
say., we have paperwork that tells the story of what we call the
Chamberlain Line. Basically it's a written note
 (this is a brief description of what is written) that tells about our descendants
Aaron Chamberlain and Lady Louise Brice. Lady Louise Brice's father was
the Earl of Slago. She grew up near Lisbon. She was disinherited because
she married (Aaron Chamberlain) a man of no title in 1812
 Aaron Chamberlain was from Boston, and Super-Cargoist. 
They went on to settle in Baltimore and ended up in Talbot County
where Louise ended up living with her oldest daughter Elizabeth.
Anyway, the apparently the tombs of Louise Brice Chamberlain
and some of her children were moved from a family farm to this cemetery
in St. Michaels St. Luke's Methodist church. My brother and I used to go
to sunday school here & preschool. I set out the other day and
decided baby and I would see if we could find the grave sites to some of these
descendants.  A ton of graves to look thru while trying to maneuver a stroller around a cemetery was interesting. I had just about given up and
on my way out of the cemetery I took what looked like an old walkway
out of the cemetery. And came across one of the stones. 
How lucky was that. I found a couple of the ones I was looking for
and a marker with the last names but no first names or dates ??
So my search continues., It is nice to have record of some of birth & deceased dates for our family records. I am going to continue looking for more information and would love to find out the site of the family farm where they
were originally buried.

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  1. I'm glad you took that walkway, Christy!
    I love old grave stones, but have never found one from my own family. Pretty cool.


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