Thursday, August 11, 2011

Inspiration from Pinterest

Wine box garden - How cool is this

How cute, except for the girl who looks like she's in a Blair Witch movie ?
or maybe timeout

Love this kitchen, color scheme is awesome.  
My next house will have white cabinets and a different color island

Vintage suitcase end table., pretty cool
keeping my eye open for some vintage suitcases, would love some with vintage travel stickers on them

This is an awesome idea

Tea towels stools... ooh couple tea towels listed in my Etsy shop.
Cool way to recover a stool

Lots of inspiring finds from Pinterest.
Lovely site follow me on Pinterest here
Sorry I didn't link the photos for credits :( all are list on my boards thou.,
click on the photo for the link for website where the photos are from.


  1. love the wine box garden - and pinterest is so so addicting!!!

  2. Pinterest is SO much fun. I can't get it to work on my mac though : ( Only on my dell. I wish I could since I am on this computer way more. Darn it! Awesome links. Thanks.


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