Monday, August 15, 2011

County Fair

We had a great time at the QA County fair last week,
enjoyed a yummy chix dinner with sweet corn and watermelon
My girl tore up some corn, she finished hers and next thing I know
she's gnawing on mine. Then she went on a few rides, let
me correct that. She went on the slide 4 times no lie.
Mommy had to climb up those nice metal rickidy stairs 4 times.
Then the space ship rides 3 times, and bouncy house for a long time
We couldn't get her out., I even tried we'll give you ice cream if come
We finished off the night by getting an ice cream cone and checking out the animals. Glad the weather was decent. Baby slept the whole time, he never woke up to eat, so I messed up and instead of waking him I let him sleep. Big mistake ! We got stuck in traffic  leaving the parking lot and the wondeful
cop directly traffice let everyone go but me... ugh I sat there for 20 minutes or more baby cried most of that time. I tried to get the cop to let me turn into the parking lot to feed him and he would let me. Poor thing cried until I could get to a gas station to feed him in the car.. grr it was horrible.
While we were waiting for the cop to let us go, I tried giving him his pacifier
20 million times, but boyfriend was crazy hungry and didn't want that thing.
Ooh did I mention I was in the car by myself with just maddie and him.
Maddie who kept telling me police man looking at us mommy, police man
get me.. lol then it was mommy Dalton is
Anyway, enough about my horrible mom moment...

I am adding more goodies this week into my Etsy shop, so keep an eye
on it. I am also hosting a giveaway, so I am pretty excited about that.

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