Thursday, May 19, 2011

Be Here for Beer

Chef Anthony Garnett from the Coral Bay Club

Upstairs in Back Street

Be Here for Beer Photos
at The Backstreet Pub
Featuring Natty Greene's Brewing Co.
And Local Chef Anthony Garnett, with The Coral Bay Club
Such a cool little bar, perfect setting for this event.
There is an awesome umbrella like tree in the courtyard
Perfect little area for conversation and beer
Tried to include more detail shots for my blog
but I have a ton of people shots.

Other news, I am 35wks this week. Feeling huge!!
Will have to post a picture of myself
Tired of rude peoples comments at the grocery store etc.
People find it hard to believe I have 5wks left.
My Dr. "guessetimates" baby is already 7lbs
so they doubt I'll make it to June 21st.
Whew.. this is going to be a big little boy
he already bigger than Maddie was
Getting nervous now as everything is getting closer.
Still have things to hang in his room.
Finished my Big Sis shirt and gifts for Miss Maddie

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  1. great pics!
    wow 35 weeks i can't wait to meet him im guessing june 7th!!

    so proud of my big sis!! ( by big i mean older:))


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