Friday, April 1, 2011

Hoop Art Swap

I particpated in this Hoop Art Swap
So much fun! I swapped with this cool girl
She has an awesome blog! I love her style.
Was nervous about swapping with her, she's an great crafter.
Makes the greatest wreaths. Including this one she just listed today.
Flowers made out of vintage map! hello awesome!
This is the first time I've made hoop art before I had so much fun
making the felt flowers, now making one for my office room.


  1. Hi there!! So go check out my blog post today. You might be the lucky winner of the soap!

  2. beautiful!!! I love the flowers and the use of the doily! So cute! :)


  3. christy, it's adorable!! it completely reminds me of mindy and her awesome wreaths. thanks for swapping!!


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