Monday, December 6, 2010

Festival of Trees Field trip

Posing in front of the poinsetta tree

One of my favorites the cupcake tree

Listening to the band, this is after they had a dance party

Not sure why mom is making me stand here look

This is what I got when I asked her to smile big..

Another favorite Fish ornaments and disc balls

I was nervous when I was told Maddie's class was going on a field trip to the Festival of Trees., thought whew a bunch of 2 & 3 yr. olds and trees with lots of ornaments. Kind of like lil bulls in a china shop...ha ha
But actually her class was very well behaved, besides for my daughter whom
had to have her hand on the rope border around the tree walkway.
The kids loved the band playing music and everyone stopped to
dance on their way by.  The trees were very pretty, I was told this year's display wasn't very big compared to last year. Maybe due to the economy?

In other news Miss Maddie went #2 on the potty last night!!
We are all so excited!!
She's been talking about it non stop.
We even had a 1st poop photo shoot...ha ha
One day she is going to scream when she sees these pictures

Our tree is up we are decorated.
And busy finishing up
gift making & buying..
I feel like I need another month to get it all done.
But I haven't even done my christmas cards yet!!
No photos taken, No design picked, No clue what/when/how to get started
isn't that awful.

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