Monday, June 28, 2010

Tour of Eastern Shore of VA

Pocomoke City
Pocomoke City

I so wanted these napkin holders, Old diner turned into a antique store (Exmore)
Love how they displayed the match holders., What a great idea for display a collection
I bought one for my Etsy shop. (Parksley)
Cool little kids VW Bug toy found at a weird flea market place that offered helicopter rides
So wanted this table, painted in my favorite color. Too bad I don't have a place to put it.

We had a great time on saturday, touring & exploring the Eastern Shore of Virginia
Visited a couple flea markets & a ton of antique stores.
Fell in love with some of the charming hidden towns.
Top on my list was Onancock, beautiful little waterfront town
with a old movie theater that has been restored and they still show movies.
Didn't get many pictures too busy enjoying the sights.
My second favorite was Parksley, which was another charming railroad town
with huge victorian houses. There was an awesome antique store there with
great prices. Definatly need to go back soon.
 The place was for sale too.  I could totally see myself owning an antique store.
We had lunch at the Exmore Diner a must stop on our trip.
We all had Crab Cake Sandwiches and chocolate shakes... yummm
Then we all wanted to take a nap...
We had a great time just getting away for the day. No time schedule
No set itinerary just exploring.

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  1. What a lovely tour! Thanks for letting us tag along!

  2. Thanks for taking us on this tour. Looks like some great flea markets.

  3. wow!! you have managed to take a picture of everything that I love
    I would have gone crazy in that store -
    especially the match book holders!!!


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