Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Peek inside

Shelf my brother made me out of an old window frame
Family photo wall, still work in progress (ignore lens smudge I was rushing as usual)

My prized find the Blue Pepsi cooler,
And a stool that my grandfather used on the boat when he was a Marine Policeman

My old diner table located in the corner of my kitchen. So much clutter on it.
Vintage local postcards.. I love colors and they're so funny
Counter top, cookbook stash

Wine making central, aka Mad Scientist corner
Corner in dining room
My sewing desk
Favorite books
Computer desk what a mess, Looking for a new chair.
Thought I'd share a few photos of my house admist the crazy everyday messes.
I feel like my house is a mix of random,antiques,hand me downs, junk finds.
But hey I like it that way!
Still waiting to get the bedroom repainted.

Heading to see Eclipse tonight !! Can't wait


  1. You have some great pieces!! I've never seen anything like the shelf your brother built, it is great!

  2. It's so awesome to see pics of your house. You do love vintage too I see. That blue Pepsi cooler is very cool!

  3. i love that color blue!!! it's perfect
    and you've got so much I'd love in my home!!
    let me know how you liked eclipse - I liked it - better then new moon -
    team Edward ;)


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