Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Our cute hardware store

One of my favorite stores, Antiques & food

Mural by the railroad tracks

The Waterfowl building

Historical Society Gardens
Inn At Dover

Thanks to everyone who participated in my giveaway!!
and Congrats again to Beth!
I hope this is the first to many giveaways to come.

Thought I'd share a few photos of the town I live in.
I entered these for the local Historic Society.
They were looking for photos of the town.
Different off the beaten path parts of town. To use for brochures & such.
I would love to have rode around town on bike and shot pictures all afternoon.
However I am normally rushing around to do anything/everything any more
I did most of these as a drive by..
I have got to learn to slow down and enjoy things instead of going wide open at 100mph

One other note, Last night I had dinner with my friends at the Tidewater Camera Club
This was our last horrah for the year. We start back up in September.
Looking forward to attending more meetings & participating in the competitions.
I have been slacking this year.


  1. What a beautiful town (and gorgeous pictures)!

  2. What a charming town, you have captured it beautifully.


  3. I love your town! I totally agree about taking the time to slow down and enjoy what's around us instead of racing full speed. It's just hard to remember to do it! One of my favorite things to do with company is to stroll the streets of my small town and look at all the cute houses. It's so relaxing and fun.

  4. What gorgeous pictures! I'm ready to come for a visit!

  5. love your little town and that you documented it w/ pictures - great idea!!!
    That Inn looks amazing!!


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